ECMN Workstreams

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Overview of ECMN Workstreams

Besides the annual ECMN conferences as our main forum for exchange, members work collaboratively and flexibly in various workstreams to tackle key environmental and climate challenges. Currently, we have two active workstreams.

Each workstream provides a space for members to share knowledge, develop strategies, and drive impactful projects. If you have an idea for a new workstream or wish to contribute to an existing one, we encourage you to reach out to us.


Workstream 1

The Planetary Politics of Climate Mobilities:

Originating from a workshop at our first ecmn23 conference, this workstream explores the role of power relations, geopolitics, and the politics of space, scale, and boundary-making in climate-induced migration and displacement.

Workstream 2

Gender and Environmental Mobilities:

This workstream, initiated at our founding conference, focuses on developing a gendered analysis of environmental mobilities through collaborative research, internal seminars, public discussions, and potential symposia and joint papers.


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