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About Us

We are a transdisciplinary network connecting people working on migration and human (im)mobility in the context of environmental and climate change.

In the face of advancing environmental and climate changes we observe a significant interest in the question on how the environment and human (im)mobility are interrelated.  This quesion if increasingly discussed in the scientific, political, and public debates.  However, there remains a pressing need for a dedicated platform to foster transdisciplinary exchange, to debate research insights, and to explore ways forward. The absence of an established international forum and annual conference on environmental change and human (im)mobility has sparked the creation of the Environmental & Climate Mobilities Network.


Our network seeks to establish a robust collaboration among researchers, decision makers and practitioners from all over the world and to foster innovative ideas through our annual conference, deploying a novel format to stimulate enriching discussions and cooperative transdisciplinary research. In doing so, we aim to bring a fresh impetus to the ongoing debates and spearhead transformative solutions. We invite you to be part of the Environmental & Climate Mobilities Network, a collective effort in navigating these challenging scenarios, charting the course towards a sustainable, resilient future.

Our Objectives

An open and transdisciplinary network

The key objectives of this network are:

  • to provide a forum and platform for exchange, the sharing of ideas and further advancing the field of environmental mobility research;
  • to build opportunities for new collaborations, and the networking for young researchers;
  • to support the structuring and formulation of further research agendas, and key directions to explore;
  • to strengthen research-practice-policy linkages and increase the outreach in debates on climate mobility.


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