Gender and Environmental Mobilities

ECMN workstream


At founding conference of ECMN in Vienna Coline Garcia and Daniela Paredes initiated a network of researchers interested in exploring the gendered dimensions of environmental mobilities. Daniela Paredes reached out to Nina Sahraoui to follow up on this initiative given the synergies with the focus of the GENDEREDCLIMATEMIG project (started in 2023).

Initial focus of the workstream

The “Gender and environmental mobilities” workstream seeks to provide a space for researchers interested in developing a gendered analysis of environmental mobilities. In thinking about how to mobilize a gender lens within research on environmental mobilities, this workstream might address all steps and dimensions of research from design to implementation and analysis, including methodological, empirical and theoretical considerations. From the first meeting of this group, a strong common interest emerged in the creation of a shared space for exploring the “behind the scenes” matters of accounting for gender within research on environmental mobilities. Such online meetings can provide a space to share and discuss any challenges and difficulties encountered and provide mutual support through exchange and experience feedback. The organization of public scientific events and collaborations is also envisaged and can be developed as per interest and initiative of the workstream members.

A first exchange was organized on Zoom on March 12, 2024 for presentations and to discuss the types of exchanges and activities that we would like to develop in this group and how to organize the corresponding tasks.

List of participants at the 1st meeting:

Beatriz Felipe Pérez
Coline Garcia
Itziri Gonzalez Barcenas
Jelena Luyts
Loubna Ou-Salah
Daniela Paredes Grijalva
Nina Sahraoui
Himani Upadhyay
Lore Van Praag
Sara Vigil
Caroline Zickgraf


Further to this first meeting, the following shared interests emerged:

  1. Creating a space for communication on the theme of the sub-stream (to share calls for papers, scientific articles, news articles, job offers, etc.). At the moment a mailing list hosted at the University of Antwerp has been created (thanks to Lore Van Praag).
  2. Creating a safe space for sharing our research at work-in-progress stages via online internal seminars to explore collectively methodological, empirical and theoretical challenges around researching environmental mobilities from a gendered perspective. The first session will be organized on 24 April 2024.
  3. Organizing online public seminars to present and discuss research that provides gendered insights into environmental mobilities, as per group members interest. A collaborative programme was envisaged and can be further discussed at the next meeting.
  4. These exchanges can at a later stage feed into the development of symposia, joint papers and research proposals or any collaborations that members would like to suggest and pursue in this setting.

To participate in the sessions and be added to the mailing list, please write to Nina Sahraoui ( and Lore Van Praag (